Parent Council is meeting virtually on Thursday, November 18, 2021 at 6:30 p.m.

Getting Involved

We make it easy to get involved with parent council.

What does ‘getting involved’ mean? That’s entirely up to you. You can participate simply by sending us a message, coming to our meetings and being a part of our discussions, or you can take on a larger role that involves volunteering, organizing and contributing to school activities, programs and events.

Regular meetings

This year our regular meetings will be happening online via Google Meet. We’ll provide more information here as soon as we have more information on how these will be organized and scheduled.

Upcoming Meetings

November 18, 2021

Parent council will be meeting via Google Meet on Thursday, November 18 at 6:30 p.m. 

Families at KPS will receive the link for the meeting via email. If you don’t receive the email from the school and would like to join us, please send us a message using the form on this page, or call the school at 547-2292.

Prospective agenda items include updates on swimming lessons, “raise the flag” for austism awareness in November, student events for December, plus updates on active and upcoming fundraisers.


Share your concerns

If you can’t make it to our meetings but have issues, questions or concerns you would like to see parent council address, email us using the form below. We’ll discuss your issue at the next regular meeting and respond to you afterwards.

Questions & concerns 

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What do we do?

Plan Events

We plan school-wide events for our students to ensure that every month at KPS includes something special to look forward to. 

Some of these events include Trunk or Treat at Halloween, Turkey Feast in early December, and the Pancake Breakfast & Egg Hunt in the spring.


We plan, organize and host several different school-wide fundraisers throughout the school year to help pay for programs, equipment and travel expenses not covered by the Ministry of Education.

Some of the items that fall outside of the educational jurisdiction include play equipment, swimming lessons, field trips, and more.

Discuss & Decide

Council also discusses available funds and makes decisions on how they will be allocated to best benefit our students and our school.

We set priorities on spending, decide what can be spent now and what we can plan to fundraise for in the future. We also consider classroom-level requests, external special events, and other school-related concerns. 

2021-2022 Parent Council

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